Visit Marrakesh

Marrakesh is more than just a city. It is a pearl polished by history. For centuries, it’s been known for its great hospitality as it has always presented a heartfelt welcome to its visitors.

The Majorelle Gardens houses a collection of plants from different parts of the world, flourishing among elegant ornamental lakes and an Art Deco villa. Yves Saint Laurent’s ashes were scattered here. You can visit this enchanted spot by riding one of the many horse drawn carriages available in the city and continue your delightful trip to the palm grove. From there, you can continue to the Ménara, one of Marrakesh’s symbolic places. This elegant building which you can recognize through its green tiles, is surrounded by an immense ornamental lake. Marrakshi families come here to enjoy this cool spot during heat waves.

When you arrive back in the “red” city, you can discover the flavors of its local delights such as caramelized plantains, kaab el ghazal (“gazelle’s horns”) which is a pastry stuffed with almond paste and topped with sugar, or some sweet Marrakech kisses made of rose petal meringues with rose cream. There are many more marvelous delights to be discovered at the establishments in Guéliz, the modern part of Marrakesh. You will be surrounded by luxury shops, banks, tearooms, as well as cafés and you can then witness how the “red” city reconciles its prestigious past with contemporary dynamism. Marrakesh is truly a vibrant city which exudes passion by displaying its ever-present energy. Travelers who visit the city will not cease to be charmed by their finds, encounters, strolls and picturesque souvenirs.